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Telling the stories that matter to the people who matter most.

Communications for
Advocacy, Outreach, Fundraising

I provide marketing communications and public relations services to nonprofits, mission-driven firms and foundations to help you find and tell the stories that matter most about your work to the people who can help move the agenda forward.  

Collaborating with clients at the intersection of fundraising and communications, I offer storytelling and other services to strengthen participant and donor engagement and to reach new audiences.  

My approach rests on the belief that the best communications embodies authentic, concise and clear communication that illuminates solutions my clients offer to the big problems we all face.

I had to prepare to talk to over 3,000 critical, analytic and values-driven professionals (evaluators). Gordon and his team have been invaluable in drawing out my story and helping to frame and give a talk that was noted as “powerful”, “inspirational”, and “amazing.” They were integral in taking it to this level. Many profound thanks to them!!

Dominica McBride

Founder & CEO, BECOME

Gordon is our go-to resource for marketing communications strategies. His responsiveness and ability to tell our story attracts patients to come to us for care, as well as donors and community partners to support us in providing quality health care to 30,000 people a year.

Molly Bougearel

Senior Vice President, Strategy and Development, Heartland Health Centers

Gordon brought a positive attitude and skill to conducting an important communication project at Chapin Hall. His interviewing skills and genuine curiosity about our staff and their work produced great results. Staff repeatedly mentioned how much they enjoyed the process.

Marrianne McMullen

Director of Communication and Dissemination, Chapin Hall